CB508 – Assignment 1 (2021)

The files at the bottom of this page are the journal articles on various separation process that are relevant to our course. Please go through these articles. Your group may choose one of these articles as the topic for your assignment as mentioned in the lecture. Before you select, read the following instructions:

For the assignment, the importance is on understanding the mass transfer occurring in the separation process and on developing the model equations for the same. In some of these articles, the model equations could be solved using simple analytical/numerical/computational techniques. More than on the method of solving the equations, developing them and explaining the basic theory underlying them is important. Hence, it is not mandatory that you solve the equations and generate the same results that the article would have reported. Nonetheless, the importance of the results, influence of operational parameters/conditions on the process, and interplay of heat transfer and momentum transfer on mass transfer are key concepts that has to be learned.

At the end of this assignment, you are expected to submit a report and do a presentation highlighting the following aspects from the article that you select:

  1. Mechanistic view point of the specific separation process that the article discusses.
  2. Develop a mathematical model incorporating mass balance and relevant transfer processes mentioned in the article.
  3. State the assumptions involved in the model and their impact on the the results.
  4. Highlight the influence of operational parameters on the process.
  5. Explain the results that is obtained by solving the model equations.
  6. Any improvement to the process or model equations.

You may now go through the files provided below and then register your choice of article in the form provided below.

Please note the following while providing your option:
a) Once your option is confirmed in the form, the choice cannot be changed.
b) Each paper can be selected only by one group/student. Hence, the choices will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis. You may see the articles that are available for your choice if you scroll down the form below.

Article Selection form

Only submit one form per group. Once submitted, please do not attempt any re-submission.

Note: The above journal articles have been shared only for the purpose of this course assignment alone. Do not share these articles beyond the class since we do not own the copyright for their distribution.