Interesting Web Pages

Chemical Engineering in General

George E. Davis – Father of Chemical Engineering: Science History Institute

Establishing the concept of Chemical Engineering in the US: Science History Institute

The concept of ‘Residence Time’ in a circular economy: Why chemical engineers — not just economists — are key to a circular future, by Prof. Roland Clift

Choosing between undergraduate Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

Crystal Polymorphism

What everyone needs to know about crystal polymorphs.

For PhD aspirants (in all fields)

A great read for anyone interested in research “The state of being stuck“.

The importance of stupidity in scientific research” – the title says it all; a definite reading material for all PhD aspirants.

Six project-management tips for your PhD – a practical approach.

An 16 minute video summary of seven challenges and suggestions for all doctoral fellows.

A great design for effective posters for conference presentations at Open Science Framework.

You need commitment, but just the right amount. Read this..

Fluid Flow

Reference materials from the National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films movie series developed in 1960’s.

Flow Visualization Techniques – video from the NCFMF library.

Stay Curious 🙂

Something even as simple and common as water has a lot of mystery, if you observe it.

A list of 10 interesting experiments conducted in all fields of science.

Making the Right Decisions

Being strong mentally and taking the right decisions is often a challenge. This link leads to a small write up that warns on habits to avoid to ensure that you take the right decisions.

Carbon Footprint

Reduce your emissions – start by deleting and unsubscribing from unwanted emails. A good article.