Ongoing Funded Projects:

Determination of Nucleation and Growth Kinetics of Cocrystals in Solution Cocrystallization
SERB- Core Research Grant (2022-2025) (42 lakhs)

Cocrystallization is an emerging crystallization technique to create crystals containing two or more coformers in the crystal lattice. Often, they exhibit better dissolution profiles, stability, and mechanical properties, which are beneficial to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Solution cocrystallization is a scalable process for producing cocrystals. However, the kinetics of cocrystallization is yet to be explored in depth. The process is significantly different from single-component crystallization due to the presence of multiple components and solid forms. This project aims to study the nucleation and growth kinetics of cocrystals in a solution cocrystallization process. Fundamental knowledge of these kinetics is essential for the development of large-scale processes for commercial production.

Previous Projects:

Continuous Polymorphic Crystallisation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in a Slug-Flow-Cooling-Crystalliser
SERB-Early Career Researcher Award (2018-2021) (32 lakhs)

Solution co-crystallization of nutraceutical: Process design and development with scale-up
SERB-National Post Doctoral Fellowship (Dr. Nitin Pawar) (2021-22) (10 lakhs)

Recycling of reverse osmosis reject water for co‑production of high value metabolites and biofuel precursors using high density algal cultivation
IMPRINT-IIC (co-investigator along with Dr. Sanjeev K Prajapati (PI), IIT Roorkee & Dr. Ashwini K Sharma, IIT Roorkee) (40 lakhs)

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