Ongoing Funded Projects:

Continuous Polymorphic Crystallisation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in a Slug-Flow-Cooling-Crystalliser
SERB-Early Career Researcher Award (2018-2021) (32 lakhs)

Continuous crystallisation offers potential for higher efficiency, better resource utilisation, and lower operating cost than comparable batch units. They also result in better control of crystal purity and crystal size distribution which may otherwise significantly affect product qualities and also result in batch to batch variations in conventional batch vessels. In a batch crystalliser, the entire crystalliser is monitored and controlled as a single unit which indisputably results in local macroscopic fluctuations. As a result, random nucleation events, crystal attrition due to collision with agitator as well as other particles, reactor scaling, and temperature gradient within crystalliser becomes unavoidable in an industrial crystallisation process. These in turn affects product quality in terms of purity and particle size distribution and increases the difficulty in scaling up.

The primary objective of this project is to establish a continuous crystalliser for small organic molecules typically used as APIs. The unit will be able to continuously produce crystals of consistent quality with higher resource and energy efficiency than conventional batch crystallisers. The method will be scalable for manufacturing purpose and provide additional control over crystallisation process.

Solution co-crystallization of nutraceutical: Process design and development with scale-up
SERB-National Post Doctoral Fellowship (Dr. Nitin Pawar) (2021-23) (20 lakhs)

This project aims to develop a process for the efficient production of co-crystals along with the process data for its scale-up. The impact of various operational parameters such as relative supersaturation, seeding, antisolvent mass/cooling rate, and temperature, will be studied to determine the crystal size distribution (CSD), morphology and, appropriate, polymorphic form of the co-crystals. Mathematical models will also be formulated using population balance equation (PBE), mass balance, and crystallization kinetics equations.

Recycling of reverse osmosis reject water for co‑production of high value metabolites and biofuel precursors using high density algal cultivation
IMPRINT-IIC (co-investigator along with Dr. Sanjeev K Prajapati (PI), IIT Roorkee & Dr. Ashwini K Sharma, IIT Roorkee) (40 lakhs)

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